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We’re recruiting!

Take the unique opportunity to embrace a choice of creative roles producing amazing and cutting edge content for this site! Are you 13-25? Are you interested in blogging, writing, photography or podcasting? Do you have an eye for interesting events or always sharing fascinating links on you feed? Is there something blindingly obvious missing from our site?

It’s really important to us that young people are heavily involved with all the work we do so we want to hear from you. Visit our recruitment page – you can be involved from wherever you are!

Drop your own marker…

Drop your own marker in our Epic Map.

We are collecting a lot of stuff in our brand new interactive map for young LGBTQ+ people.You can add your own marker in the map and also explore lots of info already there. Drop us you fun moments, cool pics, one liners, pride stories, videos. We’re asking people to tell us what they’re proud of, and mark it somewhere in the map. You can always email us larger videos or files at . Help us build a truly Epic Map.

Share your thoughts and questions…

Share your thoughts and questions with the community on our Queeries page, a young person’s LGBTQ+ FAQ

Get some sound advice from young people like you on the things that really matter by having a look at the questions and answers already there, or actually submitting your own. Great minds think alike : )

Got even more to say? Why not put it in a blog post and send it in to!

Send us your own ideas…

Send us your own ideas for this site by emailing

Send us your art masterpieces, cartoon strips, tunes you’ve been playing on your guitar, drawings, videos, poems, (short) stories, for us to share on our site, social patforms or spotify playlists.

Join the Young LGBTQ+ community! Have a say, your say! We can keep anything anonymous if you prefer.

Promote our site…

Promote our site in your social networks.

Please like us, share us, love us, pin us, tweet us & retweet, post us, what’s app us, snapchat us, forward us, YouTube us, favourite us! Uff.. We need you to build our (that’s yours too) community.

Inspire Us…

Join us!

We need young people that are excited about having a voice, about using the latest technologies and digital media to produce something way beyond, something really useful and original. If you are full of ideas and initiative, we need you to join our brave group of LGBTQ+ young people. We meet in Manchester at 42nd Street. If you’d like to join us give us a shout at

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