What is Gender?


If you’re interested in the history of trans rights check out our podcast with special guest Christine Burns MBE,

who was instrumental in building the UK’s gender recognition act.

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We’ve scoured the internet to bring together some of the best stuff we can find about gender, whether you’re exploring your own, looking for some info or just want hear from others who understand your experiences.

There’s videos to watch, people to follow (on social media, not in real life… don’t go all stalkery now…), guides and clinic info to read, but most important of all we have YOUR ADVENTURES!

Whether you’re cis, trans, agender, non-binary, genderfluid or any other identity we hope you find some interesting stuff here!

If you’ve found something online that’s helped you, or you’d like to share your thoughts or stories let us know! Comment below or e-mail hello@q42.org.uk

Understanding gender

So, this is the “genderbread person” – this is a great introduction to gender. It shows how gender is not the same as your biological sex and explains a bit about “expression” and “identity”. It ALSO show they’re all on a scale and you’re not really just “one or the other” (in other words, not “binary”)

It’s a free download from www.itspronouncedmetrosexual.com and you can watch its creator Sam Killermann talk about it in this TED Talk below too. It’s great in highlighting the difference between gender and sexuality.


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