LGBT History month 2019 is upon us and this year’s theme is PEACE, RECONCILLIATION and ACTIVISM

LGBT History month has existed for 15 years in the UK and aims to promote LGBTQ+ awareness and wellbeing through education – including all the LGBT stuff in history that tends to get left out of most History classes.

To celebrate we wanted to highlight the people in history and our lives today that have made a massive impact to the LGBT community. But clearly it would be just totally overwhelming to give them all once we’re doing one a day for the whole month! (and like… we want you to back to the site and that…) You can follow them on our Instagram too!

And because we’re a mental health charity and all we’ve also got our Wellbeing tips. We figured finding Peace isn’t always easy, so we put together some helpful tips for small things anyone could try, just explored the big LGBT image below!

Check out some links at the bottom of the page too for more resources from The Proud Trust and Schools Out, including posters you can print out 🙂

Feb the 1st

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Up first... Youtuber & Singer Troye Sivan!

Feb the 4th

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Next up activist Marielle Franco

Feb the 5th

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The ever returning Deadpool

Feb the 6th

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The one & only Brenden Urie

Feb the 7th

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The shiny Ruby Rose

Feb the 8th

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Ring a bell? Ruby + Sapphire

Feb the 11th

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The unique talent, Alan Turin

Feb the 12th

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The star Marsha P. Johnson

Feb the 13th

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The star Marsha P. Johnson

Feb the 14th

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Yes, it's Ellen Page

Feb the 15th

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Of course, Mpho Tutu Van Furth

Feb the 18th

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The unique Nicola Adams

Feb the 19th

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The inspiring Freddie Mercury

Explore the image below to find 12 wellbeing tips for this month

the LGBT History Month Resource Pack from the Proud Trust here

about LGBT History month here


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