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We’re looking for Q42 Producers!

Are you 13-25? Are you interested in blogging, writing, photography or podcasting? Do you have an eye for interesting events or always sharing fascinating links on you feed?

It’s really important to us that young people are heavily involved with all the work we do so we want to hear from you!

We have loads of opportunities for young people who are ready and able to produce regular content for our new site; www.Q42.org.uk. The site is aimed at young people 13-18 across Greater Manchester identifying as LGBTQ+ and so all content would need to be relevant, appropriate and interesting for this audience.

How do I do it?

To get involved all you need to do is send a short paragraph to hello@q42.org.uk saying

  • what you’d be interested in doing
  • why you’d like to be involved(!)
  • if you have any experience doing something similar and if you have any examples of what you’ve done (don’t worry if you’ve not got this – experience isn’t required but it’s great to know about!)

It’s great if you can come along to a meet up once a month at 42nd Street in the city centre so we can chat about ideas and plan ahead but we’d still love you to be involved even if you can’t make it.

General Rewards for our Producers

All work will be featured and credited (as requested) on q42.org.uk and promoted by Q42 and 42nd Street social media accounts

Certificate of contribution and experience ideal for personal statements and CVs

Training provided around safeguarding and internet safety if you can get to our meet ups (again ideal for CVs and personal statements)

Opportunity to receive training and feedback from relevant professionals

Travel expenses fully covered for our meet ups

Limited edition Q42 ID card and lanyard!!



We want someone who can fill our blog page with interesting posts about… well, anything! Do you have ideas for things 13-18 year olds would like to read or know about? Do you like sparking off discussions on interesting topics? Are you full of opinions and questions about life in Greater Manchester for young LGBTQ+ people? This could be right up your street…

What you’d do

  • Submit 1-2 “articles” a month for the Q42 site (ideally around 200 words or longer – access to 42nd St facilities is available if needed)
  • Ensure submissions are age appropriate for audience (submissions should be relevant, interesting and promote discussion & interaction)
  • Attend a monthly meeting at 42nd Street with the Q42 team to plan and review content if you’re able


  • To look at and respond to some, but by no means all, of the comments your article might generate
  • Attend GM events of interest (travel to be covered for all reasonable requests)


Do you always know what’s going on in your area? Do you keep an eye on whether its “national ginger appreciation day” or LGBT History Month? Do you keep up to date with interesting stories from around the world? Do you know your facts from fake news and click bait?

You’ll have 2 jobs! We want to keep people informed of local events that might be interesting and also we want to share stories relevant to LGBTQ+ young people. We know there’s plenty of sometimes alarming stories that are incredibly important for LGBTQ+ communities around the world that really need sharing, but can you find the positive and inspirational stories too?

What you’d do

  • Attend a monthly meeting with Q42 team to plan and review content if able
  • Find out about events across Greater Manchester that may be of interested to LGBTQ+ young people (including National / International “Day of …” events)
  • To submit a couple of news or current affairs stories a month (from trustworthy news sources!) to be linked to from the site


Do have a lot of energy and a lot to say? Do you have some favourite podcasts you listen to? We’re looking for a couple of people to record a regular podcast with us. You’d be able to tackle topics you found interesting, be a voice for GM young people and have a laugh whilst doing it. You’d also have the opportunity to get a range of guests on, from professionals offering valuable services to people putting on events around GM.

What you’d do 

  • Attend a monthly meeting with Q42 team to plan and review content
  • Record 1 new 15-20 min podcast each month (we can provide all the equipment, don’t worry!)
  • Agree on final edit of podcast
  • Ensure submissions are age appropriate for audience


  • Be involved in editing process directly


Got an eye for detail? Know your way around your filters and find the hidden details in an image? Our photography will need to keep an eye out for anything attention grabbing! If you see it and think our audience will be interested in it then snap it and send it in! You’d also be liaising with the rest of the team to see if there are photos that will really boost their articles and submissions.

What you’d do

  • Attend a monthly meeting with Q42 team to plan and review content if able
  • Coordinate with other contributors to see if photos of specific areas / interests required
  • Submit photos for website and affiliated social media platforms according to any themes, or around calendar events, like Pride, Trans Day of Visibility etc!


  • Encourage interaction from site users through photo competitions and similar ideas
  • Attend relevant GM events

other opportunities

Graphic Designer

What you’d do

  • Come up with designs for new logos / page elements as required for site



[poetry / artistic submissions / animations / YouTube clips]

What you’d do

  • Receive updates from core Q42 team on monthly themes and interests
  • To submit work as and when able


  • Attend monthly planning meetings


Social Media Caretaker

What you’d do

  • Attend a monthly meeting with Q42 team to plan and review content
  • Determine appropriate and interesting posts for social media feeds


Queery Caretaker

What you’d do

  • Attend a monthly meeting with Q42 team to plan and review content
  • Review any new queries submitted to the website
  • Collate responses from Q42 group on regular basis

more info on the roles

developer category

website/ mobile developer

Do you like umbrellas or tents? Our website is where all things go, and one of the most important things we are developing in this project. It’s mostly accessed via mobile phone, which adds another layer of development. Do you like to order things in place? To make things look and work better? More accessible? To bring all things together into one glorious online space? We need people who can help make ours a truly wonderful and useful site for all. Can you help?

moderate chat room

Online training is available for this position, so it would boost up your CV. This skill will be crucial when we go live with our chat app on the website / mobile. You will need to be a good listener, patient, assertive and quick to react when moderating the chat. You will have support from our team, and we will be trying this out one step at a time to make sure it allows for a lot of fun stuff to be discussed as well as more serious issues.


Getting things done needs knowledge of how to do it. Knowledge needs curiosity. Curiosity needs a researcher to go and find it all out. Where’s the nearest Pizza place? What time does the show start? How many people can you fit into a minibus? Is it an airplane, a bird or superman? All these questions need answers and we need you to help ourselves figure it all out! This position is often referred to as assistant producer or producer in the making.

visual category


Do you enjoy capturing a thousand words in one picture? If so we need your contribution to make our website more visual and captivating. We need photos to illustrate the blog posts, the different pages and sections of the website, to capture the excitement of the activities in the workshops, the liveliness of Pride and the general feel of our community.

video maker

Video tinkers needed to allow us to tell our stories and promote our content in a more accessible way. There are sub roles within the broader video maker banner; you can be a camera person, sound recordist, editor, etc. What we need though, is people who are passionate about the medium of video to come up with the ideas and take them all the way to being finished, or people who are willing to learn and develop skills in this.

video presenter / host

Are you the next news anchor on the telly? The showbiz presenter on that youtube series? Or aspiring to be? Well, we are in great need of people that feel they can talk to an audience, being the messengers of all our messages. You can be confident appearing on camera, or just willing to develop the skills necessary to start being confident. This is a very important role as our audiences resonate with the people they see on screen. They will relate to you!

graphic designer

Did you notice the blue hue of the headings on this doc? The font choice of the headings? The fact that the text isn’t justified. Right, it was all on purpose just to call you in to give us a solid hand in creating captivating logos, posters, business cards, flyers, and all the necessary eye catching visual devices that say to our audiences: Look, we’re here!

audio category

music maker

A variety of music pieces or soundscapes are necessary to overlay on our video pieces and podcast episodes. Are you the next XX? Or the regular DJ in your parties? We need musical people to play around with a variety of music making apps and generally have fun coming up with tunes that will make our feet tap, and our ears pay attention.

audio host / presenter / podcaster

This role is much similar to the video presenter with the difference that, of course, your face won’t be in it : ) it’s your chatty nature instead that we’re after. Can you work without a script, improvise and make appropriate questions to people on the spot? Are you generally interested in what people have to say? Do you like the sound of your own voice? Well, we do too.

writing category

blogger / journalist

For the curious ones. The savvy minds. The opinionated. We need people who enjoy writing articles, blog posts, reflections, reviews, commentaries on what’s happening in our community and all around us. Or willing to learn how to do this… The right words can convey feelings, thoughts and emotions in a way that nothing else can (just please don’t tell this to the photographers), and we want to be vocal about who we are, what we do, and what we want.


This is a similar position to the blogger/ journalist above, but it expands on the content into short stories, poetry and other lengthier writing formats, or more immersive styles. It would help if you’re a keen reader too, but not essential as we will help you develop your writing. You might also fancy short form writing such as twitter or Instagram posts (see below), in which case we desperately need you…

social networking guru

With element of the skills needed for the writer, journalist and blogger specialisms, the social networking guru takes it further by writing less. Well, more or less. You will need to have a passion for captivating the audience using a variety of mediums, such as photos, videos, 360’s, etc. Mostly the media would have been done already, but we need someone who can plan and deliver a constant stream of social media posts to keep our hungry audience interested, entertained and informed.


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