Do you identify as trans and/or non-binary? Do you want to have a platform to share your experiences? Then we want to hear from you!

Significant and terrifying forms of transphobia are on the rise here in the UK. From issues related to law, healthcare and even children’s book authors! So we need to fight back. More than ever we need to be raising the voices of trans and non-binary people, listening to what they have to say, and celebrating their value in our communities!

Q42 is a project designed for LGBTQ+ young people to create and share ideas and content for other LGBTQ+ young people. For the next month or so, we want to prioritize the ‘T’ in that acronym, and offer the opportunity to any trans and non-binary young people under 25 to share their experiences, views and ideas in these difficult times.

You could write about your experiences, outline your thoughts and feelings on a variety of different topics, or even just share your art! Whether it’s a finished post or just an idea that you need help with, we want to work with you to get your voice heard!  We want you to shine however best works for you, and we want to do whatever we can to help promote you, your voice and your work!

Got an idea of what you’d like to post on our blog, twitter and/or Instagram? Then contact our LGBTQ+ Coordinator Christopher at:

Be an active voice for change, and together we can help make the UK a safer and more accepting place for everyone!

Spread the word : )
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