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Online Safety for Staying #ConnectedWhileIsolated

For the next few weeks, we’ll be following on from last week’s blog post by using our twitter and Instagram to stay #ConnectedWhileIsolated. The UK...

Connected while Isolated: Staying Engaged with the LGBTQ+ Community While Practicing Social Distancing

The world is a bit extra scary and confusing lately, and it can be really overwhelming while we’re all dealing with coronavirus. One of the ways...

10 LGBTQ+ Women Activists across the Generations: International Women’s Day 2020

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, a day to highlight gender inequality, fight discrimination against women, and promote feminist heroes and...

Zero Discrimination Day: Straight Pride?

This past week we celebrated Zero Discrimination Day, a day to celebrate the right of everyone to exist freely and to promote inclusion and peace....

The HIV Crisis in 2020: Stigma

One of the most defining moments of LGBT+ History is, unfortunately, the AIDS crisis. This crisis, often believed to have begun when the first...

What is Attraction? Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week 2020

This week is Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week. Following such a romantic holiday as Valentine’s Day, Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week promotes...

The Little Mermaid’s Forgotten Same-Sex Love Story

There are some interesting similarities and differences between Hans Christian Andersen and his most famous character, the Little Mermaid. And a...

LGBT History Month: Poetry

Happy LGBTQ+ History Month! This year’s theme is ‘Poetry, Prose and Plays.’ To recognize the value of LGBT+ poets in history, here are some excerpts...

National Coming Out Day 2019

Today is National Coming Out Day, a day to celebrate LGBT+ people living openly and visibly! Many people also take National Coming Out Day as an...

the TALK

The TALK – a poem

I think of the young kids who only know clubs
Who sneak out at 15 and try to be a part of something
Who lie and steal just for a chance to be part of something.

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