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We’ve got a new series of podcasts out! Check out the first episodes on STEREOTYPES and MORALITY and more right here. Plus coming soon our interview with Annie Wallace…

What I have Learned From Queer Youth

My name is Christopher Owen and for the past year and a half I have been working as the LGBTQ+ Coordinator for 42nd Street. This role has included...

Heartstopper Book Review!

The following blog post is written by Q42 Producer and resident book blogger, Emily Bridgett. Emily is a 24 year old bookworm and tea enthusiast...

A Letter to LBGTQ+ Teens

The following is a letter written by a member of the Q42 Project. Header art by Megan Monismith. It’s okay to be figuring yourself out, to not know...

Valentine’s Day Meets LGBT History Month: Hamilton Edition

The following blog post was written by our newest Q42 member! The brilliant interpretations of history here are their own. Alexander Hamilton, John...

Express Yourself: Children’s Mental Health Week Meets LGBT History Month

Happy February! It's the first week of LGBT History Month and so much is going on! It's National HIV Testing Week, it's Greater Manchester's own...

The Importance of LGBTQ+ Representation

The following blog post is written by Q42 Producer and resident book blogger, Emily Bridgett. Emily is a 24 year old bookworm and tea enthusiast...

Connected While Isolated: The Complete Collection

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic we began the #ConnectedWhileIsolated Campaign, which was designed to offer tips and support to LGBTQ+...

Trans Awareness Week 2020

Today marks the beginning of Trans Awareness Week, a time to not only raise awareness about trans identities, people and experiences, but also to...

10 Black Lesbians to Celebrate

October is Black History Month, a time to remember and celebrate Black people’s important roles throughout history and still today. Yesterday was...

Queerphobia in Schools

The following blog post was written by Q42 member Chloe. The views and experiences expressed here are Chloe's own.   In schools, being...


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