There have been a lot of discussions and reports recently, including 42nd Street’s own ‘Loneliness’ report which have linked the ‘perfect’ lives that people see on social media, and how isolated and lonely this can make them feel.

That doesn’t make social media evil or anything! It’s a brilliant tool for sharing and keeping in touch but sometimes the version of our lives that ends up on Instagram and everywhere else is really selective. It’s only human nature to want to put the best side of yourself forward after all!

With free filters and endless editing tools at our finger tips, it’s not only easy to promote the best possible side of things but it’s the norm.

If all of your feeds are full of people only putting the most exciting version of themselves forwards it can get pretty overwhelming. Sometimes it can feel that your life isn’t enough, and if you don’t have something exciting and fabulous to post then your life isn’t as good as everyone else’s. It’s a lot of pressure to live up to!

This particularly affects young people who have grown up with their lives online but can actually have an impact on all ages. As one of our youth workers said; ‘I see friends photos online and assume that they have more exciting lives than me, which is ridiculous because I’m 42 but it still affects me’.

So from today, along with 42nd Street, we are launching #MediocreMonday!

Share your photos of everyday life…
– Spent Friday night sat in watching TV? – Great!
– Ate kinder eggs for dinner before de-fleaing the dog? – Top!
– Had a lie in? – Fantastic!
– Spent a day doing chores? – Go You!
– Missed a party so you could finish a book? – Brilliant!
– Spent the whole week in the office? – Amazing!

Post your photo on Instagram or Twitter and hashtag #MediocreMonday…

It’s OK to relax and be yourself and enjoy life without the pressures of needing beautifully tuned, jet setting, party filled posts all the time!

Share photos of everyday, unfiltered, show everyone that we all have those days. No one ‘lives their best life’ 24/7, we all need days to relax, reset and just be ourselves, no matter what that means for you!

You can read more about young people and loneliness on the 42nd Street site

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