Hey, my name is Moe! I’m a bisexual trans male who is one of the proof-readers and article/blog entry writers of the Q42 website and, instead of writing the 30-mark essay on how Charlie Parker and Duke Ellington’s music compares and can show hot and cold mood (yeah, I have no idea either), I’m going to write about my favourite past time:


Yup, that’s right. We’re gonna talk about socks because, as everyone knows, only LGBTQ+ people wear socks… I’m very obviously kidding, this is really about gender and sexuality.

Many cishet (cisgender and heterosexual) people that I know have mixed up sexuality and gender at some point or other (for example: “So, if you’re a lesbian, does that mean you’re gonna get the w*lly surgery?” – my brother, 2014, back when before I figured out I’m a dude) and this can get annoying but is easy to explain:

Think of gender as your left sock and sexuality as your right. You’re born with these socks, you can mis-interpret them or try and hide them, some even try to take them off (Pence can ************!!) and the social norm is to have these match because, let’s face it, society probably always will assume that everyone is straight and cisgender until they say otherwise. Now some people, like me, have one sock that is wildly different than the other: my right sock is neon yellow, has melon emoji’s all over them and has purple, blue, and pink spots covering it (just saying, those are the colours of the bisexual flag). My left sock, however, is a deep purple with panda emoji’s and blue, pink, and white music notes going in stripes around it (I’ll probably get Mike, one of our illustrators, to draw these or just do it myself. And blue, pink, and white are the colours of the trans flag).

Everyone has different socks, each of them just unique as the snowflakes that never fall in England (seriously, can it just stop hailing?).

So, next time someone says that sexuality and gender are the same thing, here are 2 things you can do:

1) Punch them. In the face. Actually, I’m not allowed to condone violence on this website [No kidding! Please don’t punch people in the face, no matter how frustrating and ignorant they may come across! – Ed]  but seriously, that person is either a bit judgemental and needs to be cut out of your life or is really uneducated on the subject so needs to be better informed. This is where the next point comes in.

2) Just say “No that’s not it. Gender and sexuality are like socks, some people mismatch completely with different colour schemes and pictures, some match slightly with different socks that are mostly the same, and some just match.”

See ya!

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