National LGBT Survey published!

The UK Government has just published a huge piece of research into the lives of LGBT people in England. 108,000 people were surveyed over the last year and the results surprised the government so much they’ve written an action plan to improve the lives of LGBT people in this country with no less than 75 recommendations!

They only surveyed people over 16 – so we’re not seeing the full picture of it’s what it’s like for all of you still in school, but it’s still a really valuable document to help change things for the better and hopefully the action plan will be a big boost to get things sorted out…

Here’s a few of the results they found:

68% said they would avoid holding hands with a same sex partner in public out of fear of a negative reaction but 56% felt they comfortable being LGBT living in the UK.

As a whole, 70% of people said they’d avoided being open about sexual orientation at some point. It’s higher for asexual (89%), queer (86%) and bisexual (80%) identities. People avoided being open about sexual orientation most when at work or on public transport.

33% of those who were in education in the last couple of years said they’d got a negative reaction to being LGBT. Whilst the majority of these were from students, 9% came from teachers. 21% of said they’d been outed by someone else at school. 13% of trans people said they’d been excluded from school activities because of their identities.

40% felt they had experienced a homophobic incident in the last 12 months and 90% of homophobic incidents weren’t reported because people thought “it happens all the time”

Only 3% of the overall population said they’d had sexual orientation or gender identity talked about in a school lesson or assembly, but this is way higher for 16-17 year olds (at 46%). Out of everyone who’d had it discussed, only 9% said it had been useful or prepared them for life.

80% of people who accessed a gender identity service found it difficult to do so and 68% said the wait time was too long

OK, so some of those stats aren’t great, but they need to be out there. Not least for all of the people who ask “do we really need Pride??” and come out with gems like “we have gay marriage now so everything’s fine”…

BUT don’t let them get you down! They’re there to raise awareness and kick people into action. Thanks to amazing activists and campaigners things have improved for LGBTQ+ people in a huge number of ways but the journey’s clearly not over yet.

These stats are a great call to action; not to get complacent with what we have; not to pretend the job of those that came before us is done and dusted!

The government has said “none of this is acceptable” and some of the measures in the (really long) action plan include:

Appointing a “national LGBT health advisor” and creating an “LGBT advisory committee”

Moving to ban “Conversion Therapies” in UK (check out our Faith page for more info about these!)

Extending anti-homophobic / bi-phobic and transphobic programmes in schools

Taking more action around hate crimes and how police respond to them

As we said there are 75 points in the plan and the government has committed to doing them by 2020. If you’re having a slow summer and want to read everything for yourself you can fine all the links below:

Summary of the report

The full report (it’s BIG!)

The action plan

What do you make of it all? Does the action plan do enough? Do you identify with those stats? Are they the same for under 16s? Let us know!

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