During the UK lockdown, a great number of LGBTQ+ people are feeling especially lonely and unheard. Many of our voices are being silenced by our own family, and with no way to get out and be social, it can feel like there’s no opportunity to be heard and seen in your community. In a situation like this, our suggestions for feeling #ConnectedWhileIsolated, like reading books or following social media accounts, might not be enough. Sometimes, you need to be the one to start a conversation. Sometimes, you need to have the chance to express yourself. Sometimes, you just need a platform where people will listen to you and take what you have to say seriously.

Sometimes, in order to feel #ConnectedWhileIsolated, you need to feel heard too.

And that’s exactly what Q42 is here for.

We want to hear from you! We want to promote your ideas and experiences and voices! We want you to be a leading voice in our community! Not just during this lockdown, but always!

The Q42 Producers are back! We’re looking for local LGBTQ+ people between 13-25 to create content for our website, blog and social media! Be a part of a new online movement to have fun, raise awareness, advocate for change and empower young LGBTQ+ voices!

Q42 is an online project for LGBTQ+ young people by LGBTQ+ young people! And we hope that means you! For more information, click here!

If you’ve got an idea for something, or if you want to take part but you’re not sure how, send us an email and we’ll work with you to make a plan! Contact our LGBTQ+ Coordinator, Christopher, at: ideas@q42.org.uk

Be part of something big! Be a voice in our community! Be proud!

Spread the word : )
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