You know those policies that go on for pages and pages that no one ever reads and you just click OK and have no idea what you’ve signed?

Yeah we didn’t want to do one of those. But we want a forum where everyone is as safe as possible so here’s a few things that are really important to know

All you need is a username and e-mail address.

By registering you’re agreeing to a few simple things…

 How it works

The noticeboards aren’t open 24/7 just yet!

Right now they’re live from 8am-8pm Mon-Fri, so if you do a post in the middle of the night; it’s not going to appear straight away! (sorry – we’ll have them 24/7 in no time though!

If your post doesn’t get uploaded for some reason, we’ll send you an e-mail to say why and if there’s something worrying in the message we’ll try and get in touch about it too.

 Don’t post:

• Abusive, threatening or harassing language or behaviour towards others

• Any images that could be considered “NSFW”, that contain any kind of nudity or that might be considered distressing

• Giving advice or information that’s knowingly false or dangerous

• Sharing personal contact info / asking for users’ locations / posts looking to meet up
If you want to meet other people face to face, that’s great, and there’s info of loads on groups where you can do exactly that right HERE!

• Any illegal content like hate speech or details of criminal activity
(kind of obvious you’d think but we have to say it…!)


• If you need help now, please use the “Support Contacts” page instead (this forum isn’t monitored 24 hours!)

• Pop “Trigger warning” before your post if it’s going to contain language or content that might upset people

• If you think you might know someone on here IRL – don’t out them & respect their privacy

• Always treat people with respect! (did we really have to say that?!)

If privacy / anonymity is important we’d suggest using a username not tied to any other social media accounts you have.

Spread the word : )
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