What is it?

Throughout the summer we’re running a full creative hub open to anyone 13-25
It’s based in the Horsfall building on Great Ancoat’s Street, next door to 42nd Street’s main building

We’re going to have 3 floors of activity, including workshops, digital production and a drop-in art space.

Our goal is to help bring your ideas into reality and create as much content as we possibly can that comes directly from you!

Not only will we showcase it all on our site but we’ll be holding an exhibition for Manchester Pride to celebrate everything we’ve made

  Who’s it for?

Anyone aged 13-25 who can make it to Great Ancoat’s Street!

It’s open to both LGBT+ / Queer young people and Allies. If you’re passionate and creative we’d love for you to be involved!

Whilst a big focus is on making content that young LGBT+ / Queer people will enjoy and find useful, that gives us a pretty big canvas to play with and tons of possible interests to explore!

Because we’re also part of 42nd Street – a mental health charity for young people – we’ll have the opportunity to explore anything you think is important to get out there about wellbeing too.

  When is it?

It starts on Thursday July 25th and runs throughout the summer holidays.

It’s on between 2pm and 7pm each Thursday. You don’t need to come to every week, and don’t have to come for the whole time either.

We’ll post a timetable of when specific workshops are happening very soon so you can see the days that are the most interesting for you!

 What’s there?

You can make anything! Well, almost anything….

Every week we’ll creative a new short for Youtube. Whether you want to be in a film, get behind the camera, do some editing or simply suggest the ideas, you can be involved each week!

Every week we’ll have a free creative space with our team to respond to whatever it is you feel like doing! (and help out with some Pride stuff too)

Plus Different workshops each week

July 25th
Creative Writing & Podcasting

August 1st
Zine making & Interactive fiction

August 8th
Comic book art & Visual novel game design

August 15th
Poetry writing & Graffiti

August 22nd
Photography master class

August 29th
Graffiti & celebration

We’ve also grouped stuff into 3 themes to explore, to get the creative juices flowing…


Tell us about your world, how you see things, what it’s like being you!
Tell us about the future you see, the one you want and how you think we could make it a reality
Share stories, advice, anecdotes and even random shower thoughts…


Who are the people who feel invisible within the LGBTQ+ community?
What is the LGBTQ+ community anyway?
What’s it like belonging to more than one such community?

SQUARE PIG (Because “Square Peg” was already taken… )

Here’s where all the random stuff that just needs to exist because we all need a laugh and a bit of fun in our lives! (That’s official mental health advice too you know…)

  How to come!

There’s a few ways!

Send us an e-mail at hello@q42.org.uk to say you’d like to come along

Drop in to see us on a Thursday afternoon between 4:30 and 6:30 for our Drop-in creative space

Give us a ring on 0161 228 7321 and ask to speak to Rod or Scott

DM us on @q42project

Or use the form below!

5 + 14 =

Spread the word : )
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