Wohoo! Trans Day of Visibility! Visible trans people! Visibilitrans!

Uh anyway… Honesty time: We’re working in some amazing pages for our site all about gender, buuuuuuuut they’re just not quite ready yet 🙁 🙁 But, we couldn’t let Trans Day of Visibility slip pass unnoticed, so whilst we wait a teeny tiny bit longer for our spangly new pages we wanted to share some resources with you.

These are some great pages, resources, vids and more that are great to check out, whether it’s Trans Day of Visibility or not!

But the internet is vast and glorious so there’s bounds to be tons out there we haven’t seen. If you’ve found an awesome resource somewhere online that needs to be seen and shared?? Tell us about it in the comments!

OK – first up is our new podcast! We interviewed Christine Burns who’s been campaigning for trans rights for many years and played a big part in getting the gender recognition act into law. You can check out www.q42.org.uk/podcast!

Next up it’s the GENDERBREAD PERSON! It comes from www.itspronouncedmetrosexual.com where you can download loads of similar free resources too. It’s great at explaining the varieties of gender out there:

The guy who made it is called Sam Killermann and he’s got a great Ted Talk about gender too, which you can watch right here

Want more YouTube fun? The Advocate is a great channel with loads of informative clips including lots of trans info, Q&A’s and even movie reviews.

If you want to brush up your rights and get to know our glorious (??) legal system www.uktrans.info has tons of downloadable guides for everything from changing your name, making sure school knows their responsibilities and even up to date wait times for Gender Identity Clinics around the UK.

And if you’re a comic book person or just fancy something to read today, check out these web series:

Rock and Riot www.rockandriotcomic.com

Assigned Male www.assignedmale.com

Sharp Zero www.tapas.io/series/SharpZero

Aaaand, well, that about does it for now… there’s tons of great stuff out there though, what have you come across??

Spread the word : )
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