Realise that you’re making a really brave decision and that it will most likely make you feel happier as time goes by and you feel more confident about it. 

Coming out to your friends can sometimes be awkward and make you not feel as confident with each other at first. However, you should be aware that if they don’t accept you the way you are, they aren’t really good/ positive influences. Good friends would and should support you whilst coming out, and the vast majority will, even if it’s awkward at first.

Be prepared and make sure you’re ready to come out. It’s good to be aware that it can have an impact on everyday life, especially if there’s people close who may be homophobic. Always good not to get caught off guard by things!

Choose that first person to come out to wisely. You don’t have to announce things to the entire world all at once. Take it slow! It could be a friend, a family member, a mentor…

Start coming out to people more casually as you become more confident and secure of your identity

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