Suggestion A from Q42 Community

As you’ve seen first-hand being drunk can change people’s behaviour. A lot of people say “the real you” comes out when you’re drunk but I don’t think that’s how it works.

If your friend is straight then they may just be looking for “fun” and maybe they don’t have the confidence to go for it with someone they don’t know. Which makes it sound like they’re using you  a little.

If it turns out they aren’t straight then looks like they aren’t ready to come out yet and you’ll have to be sensitive about that if you want to talk to your friend about this. Just try to be understanding and calm, you don’t want to lose a friend over this and “coming out” needs to be on their terms and not anyone else’s. You probably know how important that is yourself!

Suggestion B from Q42 Community

It depends what you want I think. Are you happy with the situation? Sounds like you’re not and if that’s the case I’d stop them next time it happens and just say that if they’re not ready to get with you when they’re sober then that’s fine, but it means they don’t get to get with you when they’re drunk either.
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