I’d have a think about what it is that really bothers you about this. Is it taking anything away from you? Are they getting a different reaction to what you get?

Suggestion A from Q42 Community

Part of being LGBTQ+ is often finding community where you feel accepted and where you belong. Sometimes this can end up being a double edged sword. It’s fantastic to belong somewhere and really great to build people up – but also if you belong to something, it usually implies that there are other people who don’t belong. That’s where sometimes things can get a bit nasty, and sometimes we define ourselves more or who doesn’t fit in with us, than on what we share and what means we do belong together.

What we do share is that at one point, for however short a time, we all questioned who we were and all thought that maybe we weren’t quite what people were assuming us to be. Maybe these people at school are at that point too. Maybe it turns out they’re not gay or bi, but claiming to be when you’re not implies pretty strongly that they don’t know who they are either…

Suggestion B from Q42 Community

I get that that can be frustrating! Coming out as LGBTQ+ can involve a difficult journey, either coming to terms with things yourself or with others, and it can feel that someone is taking that away from you in a sense, because they don’t really know what you’ve been through, they’re just skipping to the end without the messy in between bit. That’s frustrating, it really is. But I’d remember that no one can take your journey away from you, nor can they can take away who you are right now. You’re still you and you’ve still got you’re journey regardless of what anyone else is doing.

Suggestion C from Q42 Community

“Imitation is the best form of flattery”…

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