Suggestion from Q42 Community:

I guess it comes down to what’s worse – the reaction to coming out, or difficulties of hiding who you are. Neither may be an appealing option, so might not be an easy call to make!

Sounds like you’ve pictured the scene of coming out to your parents already, have you given much thought to what happens after that? Sometimes initial reactions can be dramatic but given time things may mellow out a little. If things do get really bad after coming out, if you feel at risk because of having an LGBTQ+ identity, there are organisations, like the Albert Kennedy Trust, who can help out, sometimes with alternative housing.

One thing I’d say is that hiding who you can be damaging in a bunch of different ways and if you do decide to keep this to yourself until you move out I’d really encourage you to find somewhere that you can be yourself, like an LGBTQ+ youth group. It’s important to have a space where you can be you, even if you decide that’s not at home right now.

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