Suggestion from Q42 Community:

You know this is a problem I can identify with… I listen to a lot of metal music and never really enjoyed dance culture that much! It can be awkward, as the stereotype that’s all over the gay scene can exclude a lot of people, and sometimes make you feel you don’t belong. What’s weird is that me “not belonging” actually made me interesting to a lot of people! Standing out in the crowd can be pretty handy at times and I’ve always been surprised who came to talk to me revealing that they had similar interests and views.

And you know what, there are tons of LGBTQ+ people who don’t go down Canal Street! There’s a lot of LGBTQ+ youth groups around Greater Manchester where you can meet new people, like the ones ran by the Proud Trust. There’s this site right here, where our whole aim is to do exactly this – get people into a community where everyone can be themselves! Come and join us in our weekly group! If you’ve got specific interests let us know and we’ll get a page for it and you can help us find like-minded people – you’ll be surprised how many people feel the same way as you do!

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