On the 31st of May we went to the Manchester Gaydio Studios. We were met by Chris Holliday, one half of the breakfast show duo with Emma Goswell, every Monday to Friday. He offered us some ice pops and we started off by doing an activity finding out a bit more about each other, sharing interests with the group. We then went to see the first of two studios!

We sat in and listened to Chris telling us about Gaydio and all the “behind the scenes” secrets and then he asked us some questions about what we think all many, many, many controls on the panels did. We got the chance to put the headphones on and be the radio anchor and introduce the next song, which was great fun! We learnt that Gaydio as well as other radio stations use different lists to split up types of music such as new, old and the music that the listeners love. We came out of the studios to found out about the youth group Gaydio runs, which some of us will definitely get involved with, not least because Kieron Richardson from Hollyoaks did a radio show with the group which made me very happy as I am a big fan of his!

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